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Our pet-centric perks program helps world-class companies distance themselves from the pack in the eyes of employees.

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83 percent of workers feel more loyal to pet friendly companies

79 percent of HR reps consider pet friendly perks a key recruiting tool

76 percent of Americans consider their pets a beloved family member

“Many organizations are coming to realize that offering pet-friendly benefits can be an effective tool for improving recruitment, morale, and even wellness.”

Our Perks Program

Crafting a formula for best-in-class businesses

VIP deals & discounts

Each employee receives a personal PawPass account providing unlimited access to our catalogue of verifiedthousands of premium pet products.

Tailored service packages

For clients in key markets, we form relationships with the best local service providers to pass exclusive offers directly to employees.

Ongoing engagement & incentives

Our lifestyle curriculum keeps employees engaged with a monthly newsletter full of original content, relevant news/info, and opportunities to enter our PawPass lotto.

Our B2B Support System

How it works



We create a dedicated landing page for your company. You invite employees to sign up during open enrollment.



After open enrollment, we get your approval to proceed with account creation before sending out activation emails.



Onboarding concludes with our initial invoice for  applicable employees. You can add/remove employees at any time.



From this point on, we take care of ALL upkeep and execution with regards to our ongoing PawPass curriculum.