Meet the lifestyle rewards program employees won't stop barking about

Your employees spend considerable amounts of time and money keeping their pets happy and healthy. PawPass proves you care.

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Early adopters pay just $2.50/enrolled employee per month, forever!

“Many organizations are coming to realize that offering pet-friendly benefits can be an
effective tool for improving recruitment, morale, and even wellness.”
Society for Human Resource Management, 2017

Why offer PawPass?

We’re tackling a bone-a-fide priority for the US workforce

To employees, PawPass is an all-inclusive pet perks membership. To employers, PawPass is an impactful recruiting and retention tool. Our benefits marketplace puts the savings in the hands of employees, our engagement curriculum puts the heavy lifting on our shoulders, and our commitment to quality ensures an all-around transformative experience for your team.


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Guaranteed to make an Immediate & Ongoing Impact

Complete Autonomy

No need to learn or monitor a new platform. Our perks plan is completely administered by us, making it uniquely simple for you.

Internal Efficacy

The best benefits are those that employees engage with frequently, and PawPass is built to be the most engaging perk in your portfolio.

External Advocacy

In addition to current employees, we have a number of strategies for enriching your appeal to recruits and the talent pool at large.

Benefits Marketplace

Enjoy VIP deals and discounts from our growing network of online retailers spanning the spectrum of premium pet products.

Localized Experience

We partner with the top brands and service providers in your area to tailor our member benefits to your employees' existing lifestyle.

Real-Time Engagement

Get access to our private Slack community offering real-time support, influencer/expert AMA's, and insider info/resources.

Effortlessly Add PawPass to your Total Rewards Package

Our program is structured to be both immediately impactful and entirely hands-off for our enterprise clients.



We create a dedicated landing page for your company. You invite employees to sign up during open enrollment.



Once open enrollment ends, we get your approval to proceed with account creation and activation emails.



We finalize onboarding with an initial invoice for enrolled employees. You add/remove seats as needed.



From this point on, we handle ALL upkeep surrounding employee engagement with PawPass.